At the University of Central Florida, Shana teaches undergraduate, graduate, and medical students in the study of cultural and medical anthropology and mentors students in designing and conducting research in the United States and internationally. She has worked with students from multiple fields, including anthropology, biomedical sciences, and history. In 2018, she also co-developed an undergraduate global health internship in collaboration with the International Medical Outreach student organization.

                         Undergraduate Courses

             ANT 4481: Anthropology of Drugs and Addiction

                    ANT 4408: Culture, Disease, and Healing

                 ANT 4081: Science, Technology, and Culture

                       ANT 3302: Sex, Gender, and Culture

                          ANT 3212: Peoples of the World

                         ANT 2000: General Anthropology

                             Graduate Courses

                 ANG 6930: Seminar in Cultural Anthropology

                  ANT 6801: Ethnographic Research Methods

     ANT 6498: Advanced Qualitative Methods in Anthropology

Student Comments

"The instructor was AMAZING! The course material was AMAZING! I learned so much and I wish I was able to take more classes from Dr. Harris!"

"She is an excellent lecturer and her passion was apparent.  She worked hard to get everyone involved."


"She always welcomed comments and different perspectives.  And she was very good at addressing students' comments and tying them back into the discussed reading topics."


"I really appreciated her critical insight on my work - very constructive comments."


"She is very open and encourages great discussions."


"Awesome - smart, compassionate, and incredibly organized."


"Professor Harris really takes time to know her students and cares about us which I really appreciate…I feel like I learned a lot in this class.  I love how interactive this class was and how we were encouraged to share our opinions openly."

"She was friendly, easily accessible, and always willing to help us out!"


"Shana Harris was very willing to give her time to help those in need.  She went beyond her responsibilities." 

"She was very passionate about what she taught.  Always engaging."


"She was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the material, making it easier to learn.  She cared a lot for the students and their performance."


"Our professor is very knowledgeable about this subject and really gets the students involved in a conversation about the topic. I really enjoyed this class, our professor make it very interesting...I love how she taught this class, she is awesome!"


"Thank you for an amazing semester.  I have grown so much in the past year; I attribute much of that growth to learning from you, both inside and outside the classroom."


"I must say that I really enjoyed your class!  I was always excited to read the articles.  They were engaging and always left me with questions that you were willing to answer.  You always allowed your students to engage in discussions concerning the material.  You are a great professor, I am glad I took our class!"

"She truly made us all feel comfortable speaking up and voicing our ideas/opinions which created an amazing learning environment."

"I loved your class so much and really enjoyed being able to discuss issues that I am passionate about."

"I just wanted to say that while I have always been hesitant when it came to theory that I very much enjoyed your seminar.  I find myself incorporating things I came to understand through theoretical discussion on a regular basis in my regular life, too, which is pretty cool."

"Honestly, I love Dr. Harris.  She [is] very knowledgeable and passionate about what she teaches.  She encourages class discussion and feeds it and allows us to not only hear what she has to say, but also what others think. The classroom environment is very comfortable which allows for easier learning and discussion. Dr. Harris is very understanding and wants what is best for each student and I am very appreciative of that. On the last day of class, she told us to 'Go forth and question everything that is deemed natural...' and I feel like that's the best way to describe this course. Everything we are told to believe about things like modern medicine, drugs, mental health, etc is put into question in this class and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing other viewpoints. I feel like it is so important to question things in your life, not to always accept it as 'the way things are'. This class breeds curiosity and I am so here for it. I hope I can take another class with Dr. Harris in the future."

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