Teaching and Mentoring Focus




At the University of Central Florida, Shana teaches cultural and medical anthropology.  She is dedicated to mentoring undergraduate, graduate (M.A. and Ph.D.), and medical students in completing independent ethnographic and qualitative research in the United States and internationally. She works closely with students from multiple fields, including anthropology, medicine, biomedical sciences, history, and interdisciplinary studies, to design, conduct, and publish their research.

Courses Taught


                  Undergraduate                                                            Graduate

Anthropology of Drugs and Addiction                    Seminar in Cultural Anthropology

       Culture, Disease, and Healing                          Ethnographic Research Methods

    Science, Technology, and Culture            Advanced Qualitative Methods in Anthropology

         Sex, Gender, and Culture                                 Directed Independent Studies

             Peoples of the World                                                   Thesis

            General Anthropology


      Directed Independent Research

     Honors Directed Reading I & II

       Honors Undergraduate Thesis

Global Health Internship - Haiti



In collaboration with the University of Central Florida's International Medical Outreach (IMO) student organization, Shana co-developed the undergraduate Global Health Internship in Mare Brignol, Haiti. Offered each Fall and Spring semester, this internship allows anthropology students to experience firsthand medical outreach and to learn about the effects of socioeconomic disparities on health and healthcare provision in this global south country. In addition to participating in health-related activities, interns use ethnographic methods to collect information and conduct an anthropological assessment in order to improve IMO's work in Haiti.