Professional Service

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Shana is the Vice Chair and former Chair of the Society for Medical Anthropology's Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco Study Group (ADTSG). The mission of ADTSG is to facilitate communication and collaboration among anthropologists engaged in the study of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other psychoactive substance use across cultures.


Shana founded the Florida Medical Anthropology Network (FMAN) in 2018.  This network facilitates conversations, collaborations, and camaraderie among Florida-based medical anthropologists, and serves as a way to establish connections, communicate research, and share information about local health-related issues and initiatives.

Public Lectures


2019. "A Therapeutic Trip: Treating Drug Addiction with Psychedelics in Mexico." Central Florida Anthropological Society.

Public Relations


2019. "UCF Students Learn to Recognize Health Benefits of Psychedelic Drugs." NSM Today, University of Central Florida.


2019. "Q&A with Dr. Shana Harris on Psychedelic-Based Drug Treatment." HED Matters (August 2019, Vol. 2, Issue 1 - Theme: Psychedelics)


2017. "Anthropologist Studies Alternative Treatment for Addiction." COS News, University of Central Florida.


2017. "An Anthropologist's Take on Drug Abuse and Treatment." Following Carl podcast, Episode 3.