Peer-Reviewed Articles


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Book Chapters

At What Cost.jpg

Rossi, Diana, Shana Harris, and Marcela Vitarelli-Batista. 2009. "The Impacts of the Drug War in Latin America and the Caribbean." In At What Cost? HIV and Human Rights Consequences of the Global "War on Drugs," 111-138. New York: Open Society Institute.

Book Reviews


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Digital Publications


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Educational Materials


Simmons, Janie, Alexander Walley, Sharon Stancliff, Maya Doe-Simkins, Sara Jencke, Sonali Rajan, Nabil El Sanadi, Todd LeDuc, Michael Dailey, Caroline Baptista, Magdalena Del Angel, Shana Harris, and Michael Grabinski. 2014. "Computer-Based Training Module on Opioid Overdose Prevention for First Responders."

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